• Destination: Old Town
  • Duration: 4-5 hours
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  • Destination: Corfu, North Corfu
  • Duration: 7-8 hours
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The Christian Orthodox faith is very strong and scattered around the island some of the best known monuments and sightseeing attractions are the Churches and Monasteries of Corfu. As Such, Corfu has hundreds of Churches and Monasteries, some of them built as far back as 1200 A.C.. Following us to the Churches and Monasteries Guided Tour, we will discover the most important of these religious treasures and places of worship. During our guided tour, the historic and mythical events surrounding these monuments of worship will be recounted by expert tour-guides, both at the holy places, as well as during our picturesque ride towards the North and West of the Island. A chance to see this magnificent Island from a religious perspective.

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