Created for those that do not want to spend their holidays in a hotel, for those that would like to experience smell and taste their holiday destination. For those that wish to Live every moment of their holidays and discover the best Corfu has to offer.


Ichnos is the Greek word for Footprint.

And as such, we would like you to Live every footprint you leave on the Island.


We created Ichnos Corfu Tours, Excursions and Sightseeing, with the sole intention to immerse the guests of Corfu into its unique culture, tradition and hospitality, while enjoying a magnificent day off their hotel or cruise ship.

We rediscovered all our favorite places, the places the locals go, and organized them into excursions and Guided tours for you to enjoy.


We feel that Corfu, is not another sun spot with a couple of museums and monuments worth visiting.

The whole island is a unique monument, whether, this a fantastic beach, an olive grove, a traditional village, the UNESCO protected Old town, the 3 Palaces of Corfu, the hundreds of churches and monasteries, the staning fortresses, or the many Venetian, British and French and Russian monuments that exist on the Island.


As such, and by keeping in mind that Hollidays are truly Holy, our guided tours and excursions will provide you with the opportunity to explore, smell, taste and discover the hidden beauties that make thousands of people return every summer to Corfu.


We invite you to join us on our unique excursions and guided tours to experience all little tressures Corfu has to offer and find your “best spot in this world” onto this small piece of paradise on earth.